Hello and Welcome!

My name is Pam Ash.  I grew up in a small suburb in New Joisey and part of me will alway be a "Jersey Girl".  I moved with my family to beautiful Boulder, Colorado 9 years ago and eventually settled in a rural suburb of Longmont.  I live here with my husband and three hilarious sons.

I am inspired by the nature and wildlife around me and take delight in the details of simple everyday things.  I enjoy a bright color palette and hand lettering which often find their way into my work.  I like to really have my hands directly on my work and feel that the work becomes infused with the passion that has gone into bringing it to life.  I love to experiment and mix all types of media! 

I love making (and receiving) handmade gifts. We are all so busy. Online shopping and email have  offered a convenient way of saving us time but I noticed how touched people are when you offer them a little piece of you. It takes planning and a little more effort. It shows how much you care and it's a great way of connecting with someone that is important to you.

When I'm not making art, or spending time with my family,  I love gardening, baking, running, music, pen pals, mail art, reading and stand up comedy that makes me laugh until I cry.

I am free for commissions and collaborations and would love to work with you.