Now that you know how to make the LAZY DAISY, aka the detached chain stitch or petal stitch, the chain stitch should be a snap for you. This is such a cute stitch for a decorative border, as a filler, for lettering and much more. It is basically just the LASY DAISY STITCH done multiple times in a row, resembling a chain....thus the name! 

Want to give it a try? It really is kind of addictive to make rows of these in multiple colors once you get going! 


Gather up your supplies:

1. COTTON OR LINEN FABRIC - in the color of your choice.


3. NEEDLE- embroidery/crewel needle size 8 or up.

4. MARKING PEN - I like to use a marking pen with vanishing ink but a lead pencil is great too.

5. THREAD - I like to use DMC six stranded thread. I usually divide the thread into three strands.


Use your marking utensil to make a straight line to use as a stitch guide.


Thread your needle and tie a knot at the other end. Bring the needle up from the back of the fabric at the beginning of the line until the knot catches at the back.


Bring your needle back down through the same hole you brought the needle up from the back. Do not bring it all the way down and leave a small loop.


With the little loop still in place, bring your needle up about 1/4 inch farther down on the line you marked while still inside the loop. Pull the needle taut to make your first stitch. 


After pulling your needle taut to make the first stitch, bring your needle back down in the same hole your brought your needle up from. 


Do not pull the needle taut but allow a little loop to form again. It helps to use your finger to hold the loop. Bring your needle up 1/4 inch from the last stitch inside the loop (just as you did in the first step).


Bring the needle back down in to the same hole the needle came up from the back. Do not tighten the stitch, leaving a little loop again.


Keep repeating until you reach the end of the line. YOU DID IT! That is the chain stitch. When you reach the end of the line, bring the needle down just behind the last stitch (where I have marked '1' in the picture above). Knot in the back to finish.

Now isn't that a pretty stitch!


Here is the stitch up close. It is great for lettering and for filling large spaces. 


I love the look of multi-colored lines of it. It is such a fun stitch to experiment with.