I have really been enjoying creating thread portraits of people I admire. I love being able to recreate a familiar face in thread, one stitch at a time. The act of creating a portrait in thread is forgiving in that you move so slowly, one tiny single stitch at a time and not only that but they can be removed and stitched over. I love the slow contemplation it takes to finally bring the a face to life. I have a new appreciation for all the shadows and contours that I see in new way.

This week’s portrait subject is someone current who I really have come to admire. His work bridges the generation gap being both appealing to the kid and the mom crowd. I find his music touching and his success story inspiring; plus he came up with his name in a rap name generator. Seriously, what’s not to love? I know a lot of my Mom friends look up a picture and see his cherubic face covered in tattoos and become a little less amorous, fearing their children doing the same thing but I love the whole package. His clothes and body are all part of his unique art. He is none other than POST MALONE.


I loved this picture immediately and decided this was the portrait I wanted to do! I think he’s dressed up for an awards show and his jacket is spectacular plus his hair was curly perfection. I printed the photo on cotton fabric, just a simple unbleached muslin. I backed it with another piece of cotton fabric and fitted it in a six inch hoop.


I dove right in with the hair. The beard was so much fun and the curls challenging. Once I finished with the hair I tackled the delicate tattoos and started the skin around that.


Face almost finished. I still had to tackle the eyes. The portrait always looks a little ‘off’ at the beginning.


Here is progress shot from my phone. It’s amazing how different the thread looks in different lighting. I started on the jacket.


I used DMC Etoile thread to create the sparkly effect in the jacket and I used a metallic thread to create the rhinestone effect.


I finished the eyes and some shading on his face the hair.


The earring was metallic thread. I just love that curly beard.


I fell even more in love with his jacket after sewing it. I wish I could have one! Isn’t it magnificent???

Thanks for following along. Next week I am going to take a little break from portraits and try to recreate one of my watercolor paintings as an embroidery.

Hope you are having a positive and inspiring week!