Today I thought it would be fun to experiment with all different kinds of way to embroider a heart. You use your beginner alone or in combination in an infinite number of ways. They are so quick and easy to add to a zipper pouch, clothing, bookmarks, napkins, hand towels, bibs and the list just goes on and on.


To get started, I printed out some small heart templates. If you search “free printable heart templates” you will see there are multitudes of options available. I wanted to use a red thread so I picked some unbleached muslin as my background fabric. I love the way a scarlet red looks on an off white background. It would be cool to try a black background with white and red. Pick your favorite color palette. If you want some great ideas, pinterest is a great place to search.

If I am using a thin light fabric, such as muslin, I like to add interfacing to the back of my fabric for added stability and less transparency.

Now comes the fun part!!! Use your beginner embroidery stitches to fill in the hearts in unique and creative ways.

Now comes the fun part!!! Use your beginner embroidery stitches to fill in the hearts in unique and creative ways.


I started by outlining my stitches using BACKSTITCH.

The first heart I filled in the heart with a SEED STITCH.

The second heart I filled in using the SATIN STITCH.

I like the use of the variegated thread .


In the above example, I traced the outline of the heart using the CHAIN STITCH. I’ll bet it would look cool filled all the way in, as well.


The TRELLIS STITCH is a lovely touch.

Look at the effect of something as simple as the BACKSTITCH layered inside each other in alternating colors. So simple yet striking.


I adore the look of a simple bunch of variegated FRENCH KNOTS. They look like tiny bundles of roses.


Now I really started having some fun.

A big WOVEN WHEEL in the middle with some tiny seed stitches to create this effect of a big red rose in the middle.


I recommend doing a bunch of hearts because the more you do, the more creative you will start to become.

Above I did some needle weaving on the left with french knots and some COUCHING on the right side of the heart. Get as crazy as you want to!


I could keep on going and going! There are so many great combos!

Hope you enjoyed and make some fun and unique little Valentine’s hearts!

Thanks for stopping by!